jessJessica McKenzie grew up fascinated by her mum’s makeup kit. “I loved opening her powder and touching the puff to my skin. My mum always made herself up so elegantly. She used to play with me in the mornings as she got ready and pretend to do ‘make overs’ on me. I just knew when I grew up I wanted to play make overs all day!”

As she did grow Jessica soon realised that having red hair and pale skin made her the target of bullies. “I used to get picked on by the other girls because I guess they didn’t think I was the classic beauty so to speak. I truly discovered what make up could do for me when I began being singled out for being different. Make up allowed me to be the confident person I felt underneath my glasses and freckles. I began experimenting with make up to create a new look. It was a form of empowerment. It wasn’t until then that I began to look at others and imagine what I could do for them!”

Jessica gained her fashion, bridal and photographic certificate and special FX make up certificate at FaceWorx Make Up Academy. It is this creative background that gives her vision and insight into what look will suit the individual.

Jessica gained her practical experience with Napoleon and it was there that she established a solid knowledge base of make up techniques. She went on to build on this knowledge by using MAC, Bobbi Brown, Nars and Napoleon and building an understanding of what people wanted from their make up. “I learned that some people wanted to just look like a better version of themselves, some wanted to play princess for a day, others wanted a whole new look and almost became a whole new identity just by applying make up. It was so gratifying to give people that power to be the person they wanted to be inside.”

With over 17 years of experience, Jessica is a well-known name in the make up industry. The tables have now turned with her mum, Marlene, often accompanying her on bookings and being her trusted assistant. She also cannot get by without her beloved ‘Burtha’ her large make up case. “Burtha has been with me through thick and thin. She’s seen all the beautiful women I’ve been honoured to make over and holds all my beauty secrets and guards them well!”

“What started in my mums powder room, and grew to a hobby, is now my passion. I hope you will let me share my passion with you”, said Jessica.

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Jessica Makeup

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